Wine Tour & Tasting at Prinz Von Hessen - Rheingau

Today I managed to make it down to the Prinz von Hessen in Geisenheim, Rheingau to catch a wine & tasting tour with the legendary Dr Clemens Kiefer and his bag of tricks containing some truly special German wines, like the 20-30yr aged Rieslings he pours out along the way.


Eloquent in his explanation whilst being very humble and welcoming in his presentation to us layman on tour. More art than science the Dr remarked, the ultimate quality control is done by taste  - his passion is clear early on in the tour by the way he gently fondles the grapes, depicting each variety by its appearance as we walk through the sunny vineyard overlooking the Rheingau. We then went underground to quite the enchanting cellar where only the best handpicked grapes live on. The Dr explained the various high quality measures that take place to produce their VDP wines. Grapes get gently pressed, chill fermented with careful consideration of additional yeast to balance out any spontaneous fermentation. All the different sized vats and oak barrels means that each single vineyard variety can be individually treated to reflect the special quality of the vintage. The Dr reflected the extreme love, care, heart and soul that goes into every bottle that the Prinz Von Hessen domaine producers. Definitely a new favourite on my wine tours itinerary! Prost