We are the Weinköpfe!

Wienkopfe means Wineheads and that’s who we are.

Weinköpfe at Knipser Weingut in the Pfalz
Weinköpfe at Knipser Weingut in the Pfalz

 It's the simple things that we often enjoy the most in life.  We believe sharing a good glass of wine with great company, over a cheese board on a vineyard definitely reflects the above opening statement and that’s why Wienkopfe exists.


We obsess over 3 things. Discovering the world & Wine, sharing stories and bringing people together over a passion for authentic craft, quality wine and hospitality. We believe in connecting a global community who embrace a foreign experience, and see travel as a wonderful way engage in local culture and learn new perspectives.


3 reason to come along for a ride 


We are passionate about helping people to discover the beauty of Germanys wine country. When you love what you do, you strive  to exceed expectations and provide a great experience and thats what drives us. With 5 years of tourism experience we know the best places and ways to make your visit memorable.


Fine food and wine! As distinct as the wines produced in this region, so too are the culinary offerings. The regions attract people eager to deliver the best and the various award-winning wineries and restaurants are testament to their success.


Uniquely german. After traveling the wine world myself I can say German wine culture is unique. Beyond the magnificent terrior of the Pfalz, Rheingau, Mosel, where you will see historical castles, some of the most dramatic slopes you will also learn about German Wine culture.