We are the Weinköpfe!


Why Weinköpfe?


Easy, we're head over heels in love with wine, true "wineheads" (Weinköpfe, translated in German). We obsess over three things: wine, sharing stories and meeting other Weinköpfe. It's the simple things we enjoy most in life. We believe sharing a good glass of wine over some salumi and cheese with great company is all that it takes. Although for all the Weinköpfe out there we know that wine is not a simple subject and good wine is quite a personal matter. We're trying to take wine not too seriously, but we do like to meet those who do. We're inspired by the passionate makers who put their life's work, heart and soul into the glass you're about to swirl, sniff and slurp. True to "every empty bottle has a great story to tell." 





Who we are?


We're Eva and Carl. For more than 13 years we’ve been on a nonstop global adventure to find the best food and wine.

Living in the bustling cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Amsterdam and Hamburg we have always been drawn to find our own grape escapes. Traveling to wine regions has been our passion for years, having visited numerous regions in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Back in Germany we realised we'd like to help all wine-loving travellers to discover the beauty of "our" regions.