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Grape Escape Rhein Valley ( Rhienghau, Nahe, Rhienhessen)

Approx 45 mins from Frankfurt we will discover the romantic Rhein Valley where the Kings of Riesling in the Rheingau meets the 1000 hills of Rheinhessen. We will travel through small historic villages along the Rhine river as it curves its way down to Ruedesheim. Many locals call it the Tuscany of the North. 

Along the way, we will stop at award-winning, historically significant and high-quality German vineyards. This is where the Romans planted their wines and the Benedictine monks perfected it. 

We will visit a thoughtful mix of the Weinköpfe's favourite wineries. Some of them helping to shape German winemaking principles which are today's VDP top standards. We will go underground into a legendary vaulted cellar where the vintages are stored. There will be great examples along the way of how German wine traditions have been reshaped into modern authentic ways. With many opportunities to swirl, sniff and slurp German Sparkling, Riesling and other top varieties guided by the makers. With all those tastings we will need to stay balanced with a stop to try delicious food specialties. Prost!  

Secrets of Rheinhessen

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Surprise & Delight - Pfalz tour

Do you have a preference for organic wine, prefer red, white or sparkling? Maybe you like your wine with a walk through the vineyards? Or you want to get away from the crowds to visit small independent winemakers to have a more intimate tasting experience? This tour is catered to your special interests. On this tour we show you our local expertise and favorite places of the the region, creating a truly unique memorable experience. Let us know what gets your wine glass bubbling. 


Tour dates are flexible, please contact us to let us know your preferred times. 

Surprise & Delight Tour

220,00 €

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