There is no such thing as stupid questions! 

Where does the tour start from? 

The Kings of Riesling Tour starts at Frankfurt Central Station at 9:00 am, meeting point is Starbucks and in Wiesbaden Central Station at 10:30 am, meeting point is the Aral fuel station next door. 

The Secrets of Rheinhessen Tour starts at Mainz Central Station (Hauptbahnhof). We're meeting at the Ditsch Bretzel-house in front of the station. 

The Summer Festival Tour starts at Mainz Central Station (Hauptbahnhof). We're meeting at the Ditsch Bretzel-house in front of the station. 

For the Surprise & Delight tour and other private tours we're happy to pick you up at your hotel. 


What do we need to bring?

We do our best to offer comfort and convenience. Bring your thirst, sunglasses and shoes you can dance in. 


Buying wine?

We'll be visiting independent wineries that win many of Germanys leading awards and selling at prices that offer great value for money. Our tours give you the opportunity to add some truly special and unique wines to your collection. We're happy to assist you in shipping the wines to your home countries. 


What are the wines of the Rheingau and Riesling area? 

Two grape varieties predominate: the Riesling and the Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir). But beyond these spectacular varieties there are several unique German varieties you need to try. For example if your a fan of white’s try Silvaner and Grau Burgunder, or if you like it darker then there is Früburgunder and Dornfelder. 


Are food & drinks provided?

We guarantee there will be plenty of great wines to try. We want to make sure you keep your balance by the end of the tour so we'll provide bottled water and small snacks during the day. We'll stop at a local restaurant for lunch where you can indulge in some regional specialties (lunch costs are not included in the tour price). Our Surprise & Delight tour includes a delicious lunch. 


Who will be our guide?

Carl will be your wine expert for the day. A wine connoisseur what a gourmand is to a gourmet. Read more about Carl.


What car will the tour be on?

If we're at full capacity we'll be touring you around in a comfortable 7-seater bus including AC. Smaller groups will be taken around in brand new wagon with all leather interiors, AC, tinted windows and plenty of boot space to fill with wine. 


Can we take our kids?

It does depend on group sizes, best to let us know in advance and ask us about the possibility of a private tour which can be customised to be kids friendly. 


What are your payment methods?

Paypal including credit cards. 


What are your terms & conditions i.e. cancelation policy? 

You can find our detailed terms and conditions here.