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The German Wine Regions - Middle Rhein

Thinking of taking a tour to a German wine region. This short guide will give you some insights into whats makes each wine region special.

Views over Bacharach

The Mittelrhein or Middle Rhein is nestled between the more famous wine regions of the Mosel and Rheingau and is sometimes overshadowed by the two. But if you ask me it is equally as stunning and impressive from its wines to its views from the vines. Here are 3 great reasons why you should take a grape escape to the Middle Rhein in Germany.

1. Unesco World heritage landscape of castles, vines and the Rhein

The Middle Rhine Valley is a Unesco World Heritage Site, and is one of the most beautiful wine regions in Europe. The steep vineyards are secluded by the Hunsruck forrest, crowned by majestic castles ruins while quaint half-timbered medieval towns adorn the banks of the glorious Rhine.

2. Quality over quantity

The Romans first laid out vineyards stretching over 100 kilometres from Bingen to the gates of Bonn and at its peak the region had about 2000 hectares. Today however, it is a small wine-growing region of about to 470 hectares because its rugged, steeply terraced vineyards are very complex and costly to manage. Conversely due to lower yield what is produced are wines of high quality with balanced acidity, minerality and developed aromas.

3. Interesting mix of Grape varieties

Grape varieties: White 84.8%, red 15.2%: Riesling (65%), Müller-Thurgau (4.9%) and Pinot Noir  (10%)

Find cracking wines from:

Weingut Pieper, Weingut Lanius-Knab, Weingut Ratzenberger, Weingut Sturm 614

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