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"Herbst" in the Vineyards

Take a short break to to experience the vineyards of Germany in all their Autumn glory

An endless see of vines in the vineyards of Bingen, Rheinhessen.


I commonly get asked when is the best time to take a tour to discover the wine regions of Germany. While all seasons have their charm, if I had to choose a time of year I would say mid October to November when autumn is at its peak. While during this autumn most of Europe was going back into a second lockdown It meant that I was also not able to take wine loving guests to experience the glorious autumn vibes in the vineyards.

So while we can only travel from our desktops/couches at the moment in this post I thought Id share some of the vibes I recently captured, to give you something to look forward to for next year

Prost - Enjoy the views over the Erenfels castle ruins of Rüdesheim.

Sunset over the Rhein in Ingelheim.

Views across to the steep vineyards and home of some of Germany's best Pinot Noir Assmannshasuen, Rheingau.

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