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Simone Adams has a deep love for hand crafting quality, Biodynamic Spätburgunder from the "Red Wine" Village of Ingelheim. Her wines have a feminine finesse with clean, lean, long mineral finishes complemented by a bit of barrel bang.  


Working mostly by hand, her vines grow on the ancient coral reef soils left behind by an old tertiary sea. The vineyards are rich in shell limestone, rocky clay and sandy soils. Perfect for Pinot Noir. This is a Juicy, vibrant but still elegant Pinot. Give it time if you can resist and it opens up to bouquet of fine oak wild raspberries which flows on to for a juicy, light tannin and mineralic sensation. 

Ingelheim Spätburgunder 2021

16,00 €Price
  • Grown organicly from the rich limestone and ancinet coral reefs of Ingelheim Rheinhessen

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