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Grape Day Pfalz & Alsace lunch Tour

German Wine Tour to taste Red wines in the "Tuscany of Germany"

  • Duration Varies
  • 395 Euro
  • Heidelberg, Mainz.. request a pick up location

What a grape day sounds like

Start your wine tour from Frankfurt, Mainz or the Heidelberg area. After about a 45 minute drive we will discover the romantic so-called Deutsche Weinstrasse (Wine Road) on which curves along the slopes of the Haardt mountains and the Pfälzer Forest as we make our way down to the French border. Admire this perfect backdrop and discover many award-winning, historic and high-quality German vineyards. It is a warm and sunny area, the locals call it called the Tuscany of the North with its Mediterranean vibe of figs, almonds and cypress trees, terracotta church roofs and special climate producing Red Wines. Besides taking in the vineyard views we will visit a thoughtful mix of wineries from acclaimed to smaller and boutique all based on the wines you are excited to slurp. There will be great examples along the way of how German wine traditions have been reshaped into modern authentic ways. With many opportunities to swirl, sniff and slurp German Sparkling, Riesling and other Pfalz varieties guided by the makers. With all those tastings we will need to stay balanced with a hearty French lunch in the charming village of Wissembourg. Tour dates are flexible, please contact us to let us know your preferred times.

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Weinköpfe Grape Escapes, Bahnhof, Ingelheim am Rhein, Germany

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