Wine Travel · 21. July 2018
For wine hopping, history and romantic views of the Rhein a visit to the wine city of Mainz is a must. Mainz has a fascinating 2,000-year-old history reaching back to Roman times. Proudly sitting on the Rhine and Main the city is the capital of the wine region Rhineland-Palatinate and is only 30 mins from Frankfurt. So if your close by you should definitely plan to visit one of the most festive cities of Germany.

This weekend the Prinz von Hessen kicked off their summer Wine Fest. As part of the festivities, they offered a wine tour of the grounds and cellar. I was lucky enough to catch a tour with the Director of the winery Dr Clemens Kiefer who was very welcoming and gave what was a detailed 1.5 tour with some splendid tastings along the way.

Wine Travel · 30. June 2018
Weinköpfe team spent a relaxing week at this very authentic, laid back and charming farm stay in South Tyrol. It was a great base to explore what I would now say is one of my favourite regions of Itlay.

Wine & Dine · 27. June 2018
South Tyrol offers regional cuisine that is not for the light-hearted or those on a low carb diet. The fare here is rustic, humble and very nourishing. fit for cold days on the slopes or long hikes up the mountains. Expect gnocchi, risotto, dumplings, and Ragus with speck and some form of mountain cheese finding its way on your plate. Food for the soul while you're in mountain heaven.

Wine & Dine · 16. June 2018
What do Germans eat with wine? well, the obvious is a Schnitzel, but there is broader cuisine on offer in the wine region of Rheinhessen offering some best kept local specialties that accompany the wine perfectly. On this culinary journey, we try some authentic home cooking at a seasonal family wine tavern at the top of Laurenziberg.

Wine Bars · 13. June 2018
Wine hopping in Berlin to three great but quite different wine bars from their styling, clientele and offer. Its the diversity of choice that I love about Berlin and of course, the more frinedly the poeple get as the night goes on!

The Wineköpfe spend a Sunday afternoon slurping wines in the Nahe Valley, Rheinhessen at Prince of Salm-Dalbergs winery. This is Germany's oldest family-owned winery - and a prince is still involved in making wine! good enough for the prince then its damn good enough for me!

This weekend Weinköpfe visited Schloss Westerhaus for their Wine-fest and wine tasting. Delicious VDP wines to slurp, local paella and endless views of the hilltops and valleys of Rheinhessen and Rheingau wine area.