Rheinhessen wines & winemakers

This weekend the Prinz von Hessen kicked off their summer Wine Fest. As part of the festivities, they offered a wine tour of the grounds and cellar. I was lucky enough to catch a tour with the Director of the winery Dr Clemens Kiefer who was very welcoming and gave what was a detailed 1.5 tour with some splendid tastings along the way.

The Wineköpfe spend a Sunday afternoon slurping wines in the Nahe Valley, Rheinhessen at Prince of Salm-Dalbergs winery. This is Germany's oldest family-owned winery - and a prince is still involved in making wine! good enough for the prince then its damn good enough for me!

This weekend Weinköpfe visited Schloss Westerhaus for their Wine-fest and wine tasting. Delicious VDP wines to slurp, local paella and endless views of the hilltops and valleys of Rheinhessen and Rheingau wine area.