Wine & Dine

Wine & Dine · 27. June 2018
South Tyrol offers regional cuisine that is not for the light-hearted or those on a low carb diet. The fare here is rustic, humble and very nourishing. fit for cold days on the slopes or long hikes up the mountains. Expect gnocchi, risotto, dumplings, and Ragus with speck and some form of mountain cheese finding its way on your plate. Food for the soul while you're in mountain heaven.

Wine & Dine · 16. June 2018
What do Germans eat with wine? well, the obvious is a Schnitzel, but there is broader cuisine on offer in the wine region of Rheinhessen offering some best kept local specialties that accompany the wine perfectly. On this culinary journey, we try some authentic home cooking at a seasonal family wine tavern at the top of Laurenziberg.