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Grape Escape Pfalz - Winetour with lunch

Wine tour tasting a wide range of German Red wines, White Burgundy varieties and special sparkling.

  • 7 hr
  • 365 Euro
  • Heidelberg, Mainz.. request a pick up location

What a grape day sounds like

Why visit the Pfalz? Warmer climate, charming halftimbered housed villages, juicy red wines and the best food in Germany Dating back to roman times, when the romans believed they had found the Tuscany of the north with its warmer climate and mix of red sandstone terroir today the Pfalz still gives of a Mediterranean vibe of figs, almonds and cypress trees in the spring & summer. Being further south its warmer and therefor one of the most dynamic of the German wine regions in terms of a variety of red wines and has a Francophile influence on cuisine &due to the history of borders moving between Alsace. While you can expect to find ripe Spätburgunder & and Riesling with more body in recent years winemakers are focusing on red varietals like Syrah, Merlot, Cab Franc with a focus on making red blends (Thanks Climate Change!) Admire this perfect backdrop and discover many award-winning, historic and high-quality German vineyards. It is one of Germany's most warm and sunny wine regions. The locals call it the Tuscany of the North with its Mediterranean vibe of figs, almonds and cypress trees, terracotta church roofs and a special climate producing red wines. Besides taking in the vineyard views we will visit a thoughtful mix of wineries from acclaimed to smaller and boutique wine makers. There will be great examples along the way of how wine traditions are being taken forward by a new generation focused on quality and sustainable wines . You will have many opportunities to swirl, sniff and slurp champagne quality "sekt" - German Sparkling wines , Riesling and other Pfalz varieties guided by the makers. With all those tastings we will need to stay balanced with a hearty regional lunch in a charming Pfalz wine village or maybe a castle with panoramic views. Tour dates are flexible, please contact us to let us know your preferred times. Some pick up requests may require an additional transfer fee. Wine is more the merrier between friends. I always make sure my wine tours are personal and small group. If you would like a private tour please let me know ( additional fee may be required based on seasonal demand and many thirsty requests)

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Weinköpfe Grape Escapes, Bahnhof, Ingelheim am Rhein, Germany

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